Give Hope today

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Career Goals

What We Do


—Education Fees

We showcase immediate needs of students month on month on course fees, course subscriptions. Many jobs were lost and people are finding it difficult to pay their tuition. Each shall be displayed as a need arises.


— Education Aids

With COVID impacting jobs and lives, many parents work from home and that gets used to put bread on the table. The computer at home cannot support the kids too. Even if we look at 2 kids, theres a need for at least 2 computers


— Mentoring

Online coaching, training & mentoring of students are being offered by our associates. Students are encouraged on a strategy in career and starting their own business. Individuals on our team can refer them for assistance as well through industrial collaborations.


— Destitute Women

Abandoned girls and young women are being trained every week in using their hand in craft. Right now we have craft professionals training them for free. Later we may need sponsors for the material. We wish to start many more women centred activities for such women.



— Meal Support

Right now this initiative is a random effort to support the poor within the community. Support needs more planning as the infrastructure needs to be built. We are not ready as yet. We wish this to be streamline once a concerted effort to build this section is done.


— Geriatric Help

Many old men and women are in need of help in carry out daily activities. Many young people are out in different places and this help can be extended as a combination of paid and volunteer depending on the need established by our volunteers.