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Who We Are

We are partnering to build better lives for the future

We are a group of ordinary, regular people, being a part of communities across Kerala, who have seen the effect of the Pandemic. The first wave and the agony it created to the people was followed by the economic breakdown of businesses. Even the slightly bigger businesses did not survive.

People slowly lost their jobs as work folded. The imperative to meet daily needs meant pawning the saved gold jewellery, selling land and above that missed payments on mortgages – all with a hope that this would pass in a few months. The common man was fooled by thinking that this would pass away soon. However, it started to get the better of everyone and was eating away at life.

Outreach efforts were started with community kitchens. Yes, this partially solved the immediate need for the poorest of the poor for their daily bread to a small extent.

There were other things that were breaking down. People were unemployed. Getting past a month by paying rents, utilities and food was also getting a challenge as almost all households were affected barring the rich. Here was where the chunk of India was – the lower and middle class societies – whose only promise lies in education. Here we were targeting something that may have a longer impact. If students were deprived education their tomorrow also would be devastated.

  • We concentrate on one side education and fee relief to students impacted with the economic conditions prevalent with parents losing jobs and businesses.
  • We support procurement of used online equipment and support for online education to students that need smart phones and laptops.
  • We look at short courses and tools that may now be unaffordable to students and young adults to enhance their career.

Our Approach


— Our Mission

To promote basic education progression of the youth despite the economic conditions – create through COVID19


— Our Vision

To circumvent economic hardship in education through co-ordinated digital efforts


— Our Story

Our story started with conversations within our circle – our own experiences. We have a problem – when the youth cannot continue education.